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When you choose Vapor Plus for your electronic cigarettes, rest assured you have chosen the best.


E-Liquids | Vapor Plus - Oklahoma City, OK

Vapor Plus carries eighty flavors of e liquids, making us the store with the largest variet of vape juice in the Oklahoma City, OK area. Our aim is to offer all flavors and strengths of e juice available so you can be sure to find what you are looking for.

Vapor Plus understands that because the electronic cigarette industry is so new you may have some questions about e liquid, and we are here to answer them. Simply put, e liquids are fuel for e cigarettes, and are generally comprised of anywhere between two and five ingredients, including:

• Vegetable Glycerin
• Propylene Glycol
• Food Grade Flavoring
• Nicotine
• Distilled water for dilution

These ingredients have been shown to be safe for human consumption, so you can rest assured that when you choose e liquids you are choosing a safer alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Additionally, e liquids produce vapor, not smoke, and do not contain many of the harmful ingredients found in tobacco, giving further evidence that electronic smoking is the safe way to smoke.

Vapor Plus carries a large selection of flavored e liquids, including:

• Fruit flavors
• Candy flavors
• Tobacco flavor
• Mint flavor
• Vanilla flavor
• And more!

Because we carry such a wide variety of flavors, we are sure to have the one you are looking for. In addition to offering a large selection of flavored vape juice, Vapor Plus also carries many different strengths of e juice.

For those who like the taste but don’t want the nicotine, Vapor Plus carries e liquid that contains no nicotine. Other juice options range from a minimal amount of nicotine, like the kind found in light cigarettes, all the way to heavy doses for heavy smokers who require a large amount of nicotine. Whatever your nicotine needs may be we have an e liquid that is right for you.

Come check out our vast selection of e liquids today, and find the vape juice that is right for you at Vapor Plus in Oklahoma City, OK.